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Linux Support for TIS Cameras

Linux Support for TIS Cameras
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  • Board and Housed Cameras
  • USB, GigE and FireWire Interfaces
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Simple Integration into Cost-Sensitive Linux Applications

The Imaging Source board and housed cameras have been designed to be cost-effective components for industrial, medical and scientific imaging applications. They are available with USB, GigE and FireWire interfaces, and ship with CCD or CMOS sensors from Sony or Aptina.

The Imaging Source authors and fully supports open source drivers and software − released under the Apache License 2.0 − to integrate its industrial, medical and scientific cameras into popular distributions, such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Red Hat. Download or fork the source code at GitHub.

Camera features, such as global and rolling shutter, gain, exposure and white balance can be directly accessed via the supplied API. Many camera models offer trigger input and digital I/Os in addition.

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